Cartoon of Rough and Squeaky band members


To the Rough and Squeaky experience. Join our musical journey by listening to our original compositions and arrangements. Our focus is to spread the Gospel through music and humor.

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According to Chris Bolton in his post, "How to Write a Website Bio That Rocks", we have come up with the following for our website, "Rough and Squeaky".

Mission Statement: Well, we're not a mission and we do not feed anyone or house anyone or have a nice old Spanish style building. So our mission statement, in that sense, doesn't exist. So what do we do? I guess one could say that our mission is to help people relax, loosen up, enjoy a little humor, and experience Jewish style klezmer music that has a Christian message, and hymns that have a Jewish flavor. You may ask, "Isn't that like vegetarians enjoying roast beef?" So. that's the end of that. Not only that, but we are also doing straight Gospel music with a jazz twist, and we are putting Psalms and other passages to music.10

The People: Thankfully, there are people involved in Rough and Squeaky. Otherwise it would be quite digital and very boring. Imagine having people to talk about that don't even exist?! Well the people we have are Hardy Stewart, Dave Ham(not a very kosher name here) and Harry Mozell and James. Hardy and Harry have been friends since they both went to a small fellowship called Surfer's Chapel in the late 1900s. Harry does not surf, afraid to drown, and Hardy surfs and bangs himself up a lot. They both have bizarre interests in music, Hardy playing keyboards and having a music degree from Los Angeles City College with a minor in underwater BB stacking, and Harry playing mandolin and having a minor in music from Fairleigh Dickinson University and a major in sick Jewish humor. Dave, the drummer, came later. He and Hardy, both Vietnam vets, met at a Veteran's Hospital. Why they were there remains a mystery. It turns out that Dave played in the Army band while in Vietnam. We don't know very much more about Dave. James has just joined us, adding a soft, pure voice to our normally rough and squeaky style.  We don’t ask James too many questions but we do know he has an “in” with the major supporters of our group.  So, we don’t mess with him and just let him be.

Major Accomplishments: Harry and Hardy toured with the Jews for Jesus Singers for a while. We were too much for the team leader to handle and we both decided to move on to more challenging work. Harry has set a world record for playing one note on the mandolin for 5 days straight and Dave accompanied him on the snare drum. James also added some needed harmony. Hardy was in charge of the project.


CNN, New York Times
CNN reported that we were good candidates for jamming the airways with our music during a national emergency.

The New York Times said we were particularly strange but some people might like our approach. They emphasized, "Some People".

Listen to Our Music
Follow our musical journey from Mozell & Stewart, to Mozell, Stewart and Ham, to RoughandSqueaky. Also hear our musical voice develop and the direction God is taking this ministry.

Human Traffic Awareness
"The LORD'S Battle" (Human Traffic Song) was written to invite the LORD to defeat human trafficking. HIS WORD will bring hope to the victims, and drive out the traffickers. Listening to the Human Traffic song will be a constant reminder that this situation is the LORD'S and HE will fight the battle through you.