License Agreement


Licensing terms and conditions between Producer Hardy T Stewart and LICENSEE

Article 1- Object
The PRODUCER grants to the LICENSEE, for the duration of the present contract and through the region covered by the LICENSEE to exploit one phonogram “The LORD’S Battle” (Human Traffic Song”) composed by Hardy Stewart, recorded by RoughandSqueaky.

Article 2-Duration and Territory
This contract applies for the duration of the Human Traffic ministry and the territory described in Article 1

Article 3- Authorization of exploitation
The PRODUCER authorized the reproduction and the making available to the public of the phonogram defined in Article 1.
Therefore, the LICENSEE shall have the right to manufacture, publish and sell by way of audio CDs throughout the region described in Article 1

Article 4- Supply of the Phonogram by the Producer
The PRODUCER must provide the LICENSEE with the phonogram defined in Article 1 in the timeframe set below.
30 days after this contract is executed.

Article 5- Copyright
The LICENSEE shall be entirely responsible for the payment of royalties due to the artists for the acts of reproduction and of making available to the public of the phonogram defined in Article 1.

Article 6 Royalties
The LICENSEE must pay royalties to the PRODUCER as calculated below:
20% of the cost to reproduce the audio CDs as determined, audited and published by the LICENSEE.

Article 7-Accounts and Payment of Royalties
The royalty statements shall be established on each Human Traffic fundraising event. The LICENSEE shall send the statements to the PRODUCER within three months following each event, together with the payment of royalties. The PRODUCER shall be entitled to request any proof relating to the royalty accounts and statements.

Article 8 Promotions and Advertising
The LICENSEE shall be in charge of the promotion of the phonogram as it relates to their Human Trafficking ministries. The LICENSEE shall be able to freely use the name of the group RoughandSqueaky as well as pictures depicting them. These pictures shall be chosen upon mutual agreement between the LICENSEE and the PRODUCER, the latter also needing to obtain the artist’s acceptance. The PRODUCER shall ensure that the artists participates, subject to availability and with reasonable notice in any event that the LICENSEE deems critical to support their Human Trafficking ministries. The LICENSEE shall assume the expenses related to those activities, including transportation and accommodation costs of the artists.

Article-9 Transfer of Contract
The rights and obligations under this contract may not be transferred by the LICENSEE to a third party without the prior written authorization of the PRODUCER.

Article 10- Miscellaneous
The parties shall inform each other of any change of address. This contract shall be governed by the laws of the United States of America.

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